14m women in Kenya lack access to Sanitary pads


These women and girls feel betrayed by their bodies every moth because of complete lack of access to sanitary pads. As a result they are using tissue, feathers and in some extreme cases even animal skin as an alternative. On average every 5 days of every month women and girls stop their day to day life to experience a natural occurance. Due to inadequate and ineffecient distribution 3.96B demand for pads is been unment every year. According to UNSECO 10% of SUb Saharan school going girls completely miss school during their menstruation, A study by FSG on the menstrual health in Kenya stated that 2 out of 3 girls in rural kenya receive sanitary pads from their sexual partners.

Limited access to sanitary pads affect ALL women in Kenya. Institutions, organizations and even recreational facilities do not offer sanitary pads to their demographic. The use of alternatives eradicate self-esteem and exposes them to sexual reproductive infections that are detrimental and at times irreversible.

Despite both international and local interventions we still have a problem amidst us. The problem is not with the supply but, with getting the pads to the women's and girls' hands

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