Menstrual inclusion for all

According to the ministry of education state department of basic education tender document for supply and delivery of sanitary towels to public primary and special primary and secondary schools 2016/2017 a girl in primary school loses 18 learning weeks per year. The same girl in high school after 4 years losses roughly 24 weeks of learning using the old education system 8-4-4.

Assuming a school day is from 8am-3pm excluding lunch hour. A girl has 6 learning hours a day and a school week of 5 days. Assuming also she starts her menstruation at the age of 10 which is approximately class 5 assuming they started school at the age of 3. A girl is at risk of losing 1,620 learning hours in primary and 720 hours in secondary. We can monitor if sanitary pad intervention through our machines reduces learning hours lost

One of the issues girls face is putting themselves at risk while accessing sanitary pads. According to citizen TV’s special that aired on YouTube on 1st October 2017 highlighted how girls are engaging in transactional sex. Also a study by FSG on the menstrual landscape in Kenya showed 1 in 4 girls in Western Kenya are having sexual partner so that they have access to sanitary pads, putting them at risk of unwanted pregnancy, STIs and abuse in relationships. By enduring that young girls have easy and safe access to sanitary pads we want to eradicate transactional sex for sanitary pads.